Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Sorry this one wont be upbeat... I am using this as kind of like my journal so heres a bad day.

I am so frustrated. Lately all I can seem to do is make all of our friends mad at us. I'm so tired of the fake smiles and the hollow greetings. I just want to punch them in the face and tell them to quit pretending to be nice. I'm so annoyed that time and time again there are parties that Adam and I just are conveniently not invited to, because some how they just forgot! Which is quite ironic saying since Adam has been friends with them his whole life! I wish people would 1) grow up 2) get over their crap 3) quite lying! I've never been more annoyed or disgusted by how easily people can lie! Sorry, I was raised that you tell the truth REGARDLESS of what the consquence may be. I wish all these stupid women would put on their "big girl panties" and act like big girls. I hate drama. I hate the he said she said junk! I hate that I feel like any time I have a conversation with someone I need a tape recorder there, so when whoever I was talking to decides to twist what I had to say I can pull out the tape and say "YOUR A FREAKIN LIAR!"

I miss having real friends that love me, support me and are there for me when I need them. Lately it's been this constant Russian Roulette game of which friend is going to be mad at me next or what the next rumor is going to be about.

I am all about being the bigger person but after a while it gets old and I just want to act childish that once and be just as mean and nasty as they are. I know it does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but some days it really seems like it would make me feel lots better.

O well, the world is filled with ridiculous people and I just pray that I can find the "magic patience potion" that will allow me to be surrounded by the liars, and the rude people but not be affected by them.


Mamma Letty said...

I seriously think that it has something to do with Soda Springs!! Seriously! I remember even in high school that that town thrives on the dramatic, back stabbing, clickish traditions. I think you adn Adam need to move somewhere like Pullman WA where people are very kind accepting and very honest.
Don't give in...just look for opportunities to find other "new" friends who are genuine.
Sometimes you just have to turn the other cheek and try to not feel the least bit slighted by their "accidental" brain loss.

JoAnna said...

I know. Everyone has so much time on their hands and so little to do its the best they can come up with. I do love Soda Springs for the most part and I really know that it is where we're suppose to be for the moment. Howeve, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if a cure for "accidental" brain loss was found. Haha! O well. I do have a phenomenal ward and I'm starting to meet a lot of fun people in it. Hopefully soon I'll some new friends to hang out with.

Bonnie said...

Ya know what my husband always says...he says we're commanded to have charity. That doesn't mean we have to be anyones door mat. You can love someone and not put yourself right in the line of fire if you know what they are capable of. Just a thought. Good luck! P.S. your blog is fun to read becaue it takes b____ to write the good AND the bad for the world to read!

Lisa B. said...

hah i think that word bonnie -'d was balls:) lol ya joanna salt lake city is taking in new residents every day:) come be our neighbors::)