Thursday, January 17, 2008

Always up for something new...

So in Collette's letter she sent she said how nice it would be if all of us siblings got blogs so she could get a peek on how life is going. So I figured I would take the challenge, heaven knows I rarely use a journal anymore so this will kind of be mine.

Life has come so quickly, each time a month ends it makes me realize how fast life is going by. I have so much I am doing and it always seems that when I cross one thing off of my list of things to do another hundred fall under it. School is getting harder as the days go by. I am enjoying the challenge, but I greatly miss the freedom I had when I wasn't in it. I know the outcome will be worth it but, somedays its just tough.

Work is always fun and challenging. Somedays it seems that as the office manager I never get to the bottom of the things I need to do. But working with the kids makes it all worth while. If I ever doubt what I am doing or why I am where I am, the simple smile of one of my wonderful kids makes it all worth while. I am not talking about kids of my own but the wonderful children I work with that are disabled. God really does send them as a blessing not as a chore. If we learn to have patience they will teach you things and give you blessings you never knew you were capable of.

Adam and I stay busy and its crazy to think that we have been married over a year. It seems like yesterday that he walked in and swept me off my feet. He is so amazing to me and regardless of all the bumps and sometimes cliffs we've had to climb this year he still loves me and continues to stand beside me. God has been good to us, even though somedays it's hard to see it through all the fog.

Aside from everything I am grateful for all of my family (both my side and Adam's). Somedays it seems like it would be lots easier to pack up, move away, and never talk to anyone ever again, but I know that despite how long the storm may last God will always put a rainbow at the end if we wait it out for it.

Well homework is calling and I have lots of things to do but, I hope that I can do this on a regular basis....


Mamma Letty said...

Love it!!! WE should chat and I can walk you though stuff. I love that you had joined.
I love you girl!

Bonnie said...

Hey Joanna! This is your cousin Bonnie. I just joined the blog world too. It's sort of addictive I have to say! I got your blog address from Collette's. Here's mine if you want to peek in on our life as well!

p.s. you look beautiful!