Sunday, January 20, 2008

O the frustrations of owning a house :(

So as sad and devastating as it is.... our furnace DIED!! Well actually the fan motor died, but our furnace is almost 30 years old and so we aren't even sure that we can find one to replace it. If we can replace just the motor we're looking at $180-$400 to replace it, however, if its the furnace to replace... well lets just say the thousands (like $4000+):(.
We haven't had our furnance since sometime Friday evening... so it's been 'lil electric heaters to keep the pipes from freezing but other than that... our house is kinda, well COLD! Due to it being the weekend we couldn't get a hold of anyone to help us and anyone we could get a hold of didn't have a clue on HOW to help us. So hopefully tomorrow will bring better news than what we had for the past couple days. I'm hoping we can find an answer quickly.
It seems that when we try our hardest to get our finances in shape and get out of debt everything we own tries to break. I wish some days I had a wand like Harry Potters and I could just shout "REPAIRO" every time anything broke. However, since I greatly lack in this ability I guess its just left to lots of praying and crossed fingers.
Well that is it for now... hopefully more later :)


Mamma Letty said...

Oh boy! Sorry to hear about the furnace! Maybe it will be fixable...we had our microwave/stove break last week and after looking at getting some new ones for a lot of $$ we discovered that it just needed a $4 fuse.
I keep you in our prayers.
I suppose that is what getting financially secure means...being able to get to a place where there is a little something on reserved for when some thing breaks (since we all know that something will break eventually)

Bonnie said...

Well, it's totally been our experience that we never really have "extra". There's always some way to work out all of our difficulties, but what we always thought was extra seems to get put to good use. Good Luck!