Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Well we were able to fix our furance! YYAAAAYYYY!!!! I am so grateful, and it only cost us about $135. I'll take that over having to replace it right now. However, due to its lovely age we will probably have to replace it in the near future. Hopefully in the summer time when we wont freeze to death with out. :)
Life is good. Despite everything and the frustrations that come along the way, I am really happy to say I love where I am and for the wonderful life God has blessed me with.
Adam and I have a phenomenal bishop! He's absolutely amazing. I am getting kind of excited because starting next week Adam and I will meet with the bishop and his wife for dinner once a week and we're going to kinda have a missionary discussion, but the bishop will also be going over the temple, what its about, and what it means. I am really excited! I am not sure Adam and I will get there any time soon but its nice to know that we'll be getting our feet wet for when we decide to go.
I love my ward more and more every week. I am the secretary in the relief society and its given me a great opportunity to get to know a lot of the people in my ward. Its nice to have friends outside of the family.
Well I'm done with my lunch and its back to work I go... but more later :)


Mamma Letty said...

That is really awesome! I'm so glad that the furnace was a cheaper fix.

I'm glad you are happy where you are, and that you aspire to be happier. Isn't that what it is all about??? I;m glad you have a good bishop...that makes a big difference.

JoAnna said...

O its makes lots of differnece. He has only been active in the church for 10 years, but before he became active he used to smoke and drink. Having a past like that makes it really easy for Adam to connect with him to because he understands Adam's struggle with trying to quit smoking and he doesn't try and push us into going to the temple. His first step is when Adam is ready, getting Adam the ordain to a Priest and then see where things go from there.