Thursday, October 2, 2008

Routine?!?! What on earth is that!

That's has how I have felt for the past couple of years. No routine. No schedule. No method to the maddness, just simply maddness! Its been driving me nutts! All the things I NEED to do have a sentence that usually follows it and sounds like this: "Someday!" or "When life slows down a little bit." or "When things aren't so crazy." And somehow (still can't figure out how LOL) those things I NEED to get done, DON'T! Imagine that? lol

So with everything else in life seeming to be struggling greatly I decided there is no more time for the "Someday!" or "When life slows down a little bit." or "When things aren't so crazy." excuses. Life is now and if I don't get a hold of things before we have children (someday) I will NEVER get a hold of things.

So the other day I sat down and put together daily schedule/routines for me personally as well as my house work, because embarassingly enough, my house is DISGUSTING! I swore it would never be like this, and it's been in this sad shape for the past 3, 4, maybe 5 months! Isn't that pathetic? So here is what my schedule/routines look like:
This is my daily schedule. I know it's kind of hard to see (sorry). If your really intrigued to what is on it, you can click on it to make it much bigger (big enough to read), same witht the one below. I figured there is probably no better way to start my day than with what is most important! So scriptures and prayers are first and then exercising. I kind of arranged my day with the most important things being first and then on down the list. I have made two copies of this and laminated them. I will have one in my bedroom and one in the kitchen.
This is my house duties list. Anything that is the dark maroon means it needs to be done on that day of the week. This way I'm only having to clean and take care of one room at a time and I'm not overwhelming myself. Then on Saturday I will do a deep clean of everything. I have made two copies of this as well and have on in my bedroom and one in the kitchen.

I hoping that with these two begining tools I will be able to make a "method" to the maddness, and no longer will it be just maddness! For my exercising section I am going to do a mix between walking, Pilates, and use of dum-bells. I am going to order in the next little while a manual treadmil (one with out a motor). I can get a brand new one with the electronic part on it that will tell me the aproximate distance I've walked, the speed, how long I've been walking, and aproximate calories burned, for $120 shipped. So I think it will be a wise investment so I don't have any excuse in the freezing cold winter NOT to exercise. I am also starting a food and drink diary. I'm buying a little notebook (small enough to fit in my back pocket) and I will carry it around with me all the time so I can keep track of what I am eating and how well I am doing on drinking fluids, particularly water. I think I'll be able to do it, WITH the help of Heavenly Father. I think most ventures in my life only become accomplished when I include him in them. Kind of like the business partner that will make the business a success....


elaine said...

Wow. Let me know if you are able to stick with this. I will be very impressed! Me and routine are not close at one will be able to rob me or assault me by studying my schedule! Thanks for an inspiring thought.


Mamma Letty said...

Nice post. I love routines...however i don't actually have them graphed out so nicely. But I do love knowing what is coming and what I CAN plan for (vs. the stuff that just happens sometimes).
Sounds inspiring.