Thursday, September 18, 2008

6 Quirky Things About Me

6 Quirky Things About me

The rules are: List 6 quirks about yourself and then tag six people. Leave them a message on their blog letting them know they have been tagged( I may skip this little bit). (Since I however do not have 6 people I know that check my blog, I will choose not to tag anyone...)

1.) I am a music JUNKIE! I don't think I've really had any addictions in life (aside from when I used to bite my nails) but I am pretty certain I am addicted to music... it serves as my own personal therapist! Except I don't have the $100 price tag to go with it :).

2.) I am dying to learn how to play the cello! Next to the piano I find the cello to be one of the most amazing sounding instruments and my fingers ache with desire to learn how to play it!

3.)My eyes like to change colors. Depending upon my mood, my clothes, or simply my phycial state of health will cause them to change between Green, vibrant green, blue, and gray.

4.) My favorite thing to do is learn! I love picking a topic and then visiting the library to see what knowledge I can gain on the topic.

5.) I love elk meat better than any other meat out there, including beef! (Note I am not a huge eater of meats but I do love having a good elk steak every now and then! Delicious! Or anything traiditionally made with beef I prefer to make with elk).

6.) I enjoy hunting and target shooting with a gun or my bow. I am all about self-survival and like the idea of being capable to help provide for and/or protect my family (don't I sound like a true, deep in the woods redneck? LOL)

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Mamma Letty said...

Redneck?? at least you are a cute, sweet one...I love the quirks...I didn't know you wanted to play the cello. That is wonderful.