Thursday, January 1, 2009

Gratitude Post

I always love having Thanksgiving and Christmas as a time to reflect on the wonderful blessings I have in my life. I have been super busy and sick this holiday season and therefore haven't had a lot of time to take a moment and post my gratitude list. With out any further wait, here it is:

*Husband! I am oh so grateful for my amazing husband and his amazing strength and dedication to become better. He has now officially quit smoking for 3 MONTHS!!!! I am beyond excited! Now it seems like the temple is so much closer then its ever been before! I know it will still take some time to get there, but now there is nothing in his way to gaining his testimony back.

*Baby! We found out a week or two ago that I am pregnant again. I am hestitant to become too excited because of the fear of losing this one as well, but so far everything seems to be going well. I am approximately 7 weeks and I have an amazing doctor who is keeping a very careful and close eye on me and the baby. Only time will tell but I trust the Lord to know what is best.

*Family! I love both mine and Adam's families and the blessings they all are in our lives. I struggle sometimes with getting along with certain family members, but still the same I am grateful that I have family and they love me.

*Friends! I am so grateful for my true and understanding friends. I only have a few now, but I am so grateful for them and the love, support, understanding, and outside advice they provide me with when everything seems to get a little cloudy.

*The GOSPEL! and the foundation and rock it is at a time when so much of the world is built upon the sand. It doesn't falter at the tides and it doesn't not fall at the pressures of the world. It continues to remain steadfast and untouched by the hand of satan.

*My Ward and Bishop! I am so grateful for my extraordinary ward and Bishop! I can not begin to sum up my gratitude for their understanding, support and love for me, my husband, and now my brother Lance and his non-member wife and their baby who have moved into our ward as well. I truly feel like our ward is a Zion ward and truly understand the love of Christ and this gospel.

*Jobs! I am so glad Adam and I both have jobs! For a while it looked like Adam's job might in jepordy due to the current Economic situation. But so far so good!

*A House and a Home! At a time when so many other seem to be struggling to keep their houses or have already lost them, I am grateful we have a Home and our House to put it in.

The list can go on forever but I prefer not to bore you too much. I am just grateful to Heavenly Father for all the wondeful blessings and people he puts in my life. I am grateful that we do not live in a country that is war ridden and falling apart at every turn. I am grateful for the freedoms I have and the angency to believe in what I choose. I am just so grateful for all the amazing blessings I have in my life!

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Mamma Letty said...

Congrats girlie! I hope all holds well and that you continue to be so blessed.
It was fun to see you at thanksgiving and although I haven't sent Christmas cards or called, I love you.