Thursday, April 24, 2008

My New Bow...

So I am excited to announce that Adam bought me my first bow and arrows. I intend on hunting with it this fall. I am currently taking the archery class that will allow me to hunt with the bow and I am so excited to learn to shoot it, and be good at it. I thought I would post some pictures of it. So here they are.

It's a Diamond which is a line from Bowtech. It shoots really nice :).

So yes there is my bow and I am hoping and praying that I will be able to get a cow elk with it this fall. I love elk meat TONS more than beef, and it is easier to get an elk permit for bow hunting than it is to get an elk permit for rifle. Only time will tell. I think I will pick up on it pretty quick.

In other good news Adam and I also both got new bikes (I'll post pictures of them another day). I am so excited! We intend on doing a lot of trail riding this summer and even doing a camping trip on them :). Now summer just needs to get here and the snow stop comming.


Randy said...

Great looking bow, I use a PSE and I love it. Good luck with that cow elk hunt.

Mamma Letty said...

Yeah for bikes!!! Seriously my bike was my entrance to freedom! Physically and mentaly. It is so delightful to just get out and ride like the wind.
You just have to get past your sore but and body, then everything else just falls into place.
My first year of my bike was the best/hardest year on it.
Getting used to everything from shifting to my body adapting.
It has been a life saver though.
Oh, and congrats on the bow...sounds like fun.