Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Blessings of Tuppeware and Organization!

For the past several weeks I have had to re-do a lot of things in life. A major one was re-evaluating Adam's and my diet. I thought this would be fairly easy, yet the more I tried to change our diet the less successful I became. So after living in our house for a year and a half I realized half of my problems was, there was little to zero oragnization in my cupboards or my counter tops. So I began the wonderful feat of trying to reorganize my kitchen cupboards and counter tops.

Well the harder I tried it seemed like I was just making a bigger mess instead of making it neater. So my dear husband and all of his wisdom asked me: "Why don't you just go buy some plastic containers and such? That way you wouldn't have so many odd and end things to try and make fit." So I took his advice and went and bought several, let me empahise SEVERAL plastic containers of varying sizes and began the transfortmation. I only spent about $40 in containers, which may seem like a lot but I would pay that price twice for the peace of mind and organization I have in my kitchen now.

Now I don't have any before pics but below are the after pics. And take my word on it, my cupboards were a combination of several odds and ends place together in no particular order, so if you wanted one thing you would have to pick a shelf and start looking. The other rule I made was that if item "A" that I was pulling out of my cupboard had been in my cupboard more than a year without being touched, I would give it away or throw it away. It was amazing how much junk was in those cupboards that I really didn't need. It also made me more aware about my grocery shopping trips and how useful (unuseful) they really were. So here are the wonderful after pics!

This cupboard is directly to the right of my stove. So I made it my spices, marinades and oil cupboard.
My counter top. I used to just have winco bags sitting on them with all of the dried fruit or fresh fruit in them. But then I bought the containers and it has been so nice. On top of that I finally got a rice cooker and I am hoping it will help make dinner easier to make.

This cupboard is the top half of my big cupboards with most my cans and dried goods in it.

To say the least I have organization in my cupboards and it has made it a lot is easier for me to want to cook dinner. It is still a lot of work getting use to not having the quick and easy options like Rice-A-Roni or any of the other quick and easy dinner options but I know we'll be healthier in the long run for it. Most the time it makes me sick to think of how much MSG and artifical crap we were stuffing into our diet, before it became mandatory that I cut it out. I really do feel lots better not eating any of that artificial junk and surprisingly I am spending less at the grocery store to shop healthy, than I was spending to by that kinda good, preservative filled junk that we ate before. I really think eating healthy is cheaper than not.


Mamma Letty said...

YOu go girl!!! I will post on my blog some of my favorite recipes and tips about eating healthy and being vegetarian...in a couple of days. I have been thinking about posting it sooner than later but need to more fully articulate what I want to convey.
It looks like you are on a roll. I would say the one thing that makes eating healthy work is using spices in your food. It just takes a bit of time to get used to how to put them together.

Bonnie said...

good job! That's one good thing about moving I suppose. I'll be doing the same thing shortly!