Thursday, April 16, 2009

Baby Update

So I am absolutely lousy at posting and figured I should probably give and update to my few readers. I am doing well. I finally have energy and motivation and so my house is finally clean once again and we have clean laundry :). I keep getting bigger and so far I've lost 16 pounds and gained only 2 pounds back... it wont hurt my feelings if this trend continues. Well I thought I would put up some pictures for you all to see... I got my first ultrasound at 18 weeks and we found out its a girl! We are naming her Bobbie Jo Ashley. Bobbie is after my dearest friend and Jo is after me, and Adam contributed Ashley :).

Here is a full body picture of her. She is quite the wiggle worm, I am pretty certain she inherited the wiggli-ness from my side, Adam's family can be compared to the Cullens off of Twilight when it comes to being still lol. Our poor ultrasound guy had a heck of time getting all the pictures he needed to because she wouldn't hold still, our ultrasound took 45 minutes! But it was quite exciting to see that she is so alive and healthy and that ALL of her limbs definitely work.
Here is a picture of one of her feet. She had them both up there and it looked perfect, but again the wiggli-ness took over and this is what we got after he clicked the button. I still think its adorable.

Lastly, here is me at 22 1/2 weeks. Everyone keeps telling me I've "popped" all of a sudden and I don't know if its a compliment or not, but its nice to know I look definitely pregnant and not just possibly fat. I am totally enjoying this amazing experience and getting to share it with my wonderful husband. I can't wait until he can actually feel her moving. I look forward to when I get to meet her face to face. I am already getting so many insights into her personality its astounding. Here is one of her personality traits to make you giggle, she ABSOLUTELY hates it when I eat ice cream, popsicles, or anything cold like that. When I eat them she gets so wiggly and squirming and then stops after a minute or two. I think she stops wiggling when my tummy has finally warmed it up to body temperature. Definitely thinking she hates the cold lol. Its so exciting to be able to experience all of these things.


Brian & Rena Bayley said...

I'm sooooo excited for you guys!!!! YAY!!!! A girl!! They are tons of fun!! Well check out my page... I have TONS of updates!

Mamma Letty said...

I love, love the update!!! I would check back more often...I wish I were there to see you in person! Keep up the good work girl.